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After Birth

(Consultation available in person and online.)

With your baby’s arrival comes many changes. While you were likely expecting fatigue, overwhelm, and worry when it came to meeting the demands of caring for a new life, you may not have been fully prepared for the challenges presented by your post-partum body.  


Many mothers report that the most guidance they received from their OB/GYN  was to wait 6 weeks before doing any sort of activity. Once that 6 weeks is up, they are then given the “all clear”—but many moms don’t feel quite ready to go back to the same activities they were doing before. Given all the changes that the body experiences, feeling this way is perfectly normal, and Foundations is here to help  create a bridge back to your prior activity level.

  • Return to exercise: Whether you are a recreational runner or triathlete, barre enthusiast or crossfitter, we are here to help you transition back to impact exercise safely. 

  • Return to intimacy and sex: managing expectations and giving you tools for easing back into intimacy with your partner.  

  • Ergonomics: Positions for feeding and lifting your baby, and attending to baby’s needs without causing or exacerbating pain.

  • Movement training: How to safely lift the baby without causing pain or dysfunction 

  • Exercise program design: Creating a program that is appropriate for you and helps you return to functional activities without pain. 

  • Pelvic floor: Discussion of your specific risk factors for pelvic floor pain and dysfunction and education regarding further steps to restore function. 

Newborn Baby

Get off on the Right foot. 

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