Pregnancy & Pelvic Floor Health

Rebuilding your body from the bottom up. 

Our Approach

We combine an expertise in pelvic floor health and orthopedic physical therapy to bring hands-on, thorough, and thoughtful guidance to women at all phases of pregnancy. 

Whether you're expecting, had your baby 5 months ago, or 5 years ago, Foundations is here to help you.  


Hands-on Help

Before Baby

Prenatal consultation for moms-to-be

Helping you understand the physical changes you may be  experiencing, and giving you tools to manage them.

After Birth

Postpartum care
for your body

Teaching you skills to protect and heal your body, including ergonomic setup for feeding and caring for baby.

Back to you

Guiding you towards a new normal

Helping you get back to the activities, commitments, and relationships that matter most with online or in-person options to fit your needs.



In-home Physical Therapy services

Extra assistance when exercise and expert advice just aren't enough

We know you

have questions.



 has answers.

Woman's Torso Lying


"My doctor says I have a 

What does that really  mean?"


 Dr. Anastasia Palaia, PT, DPT, is a physical therapist with extensive training in female pelvic floor health and orthopedic conditions. 

Meet Your
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Serving all of Northern Virginia

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