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Sports Performance, Physical Therapy &
Pelvic Floor Health


Focused. Personalized.

Sports Medicine and Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy
serving active men and women in Falls Church, Virginia

Our services


Eliminate pain, tightness, weakness after an injury, years of discomfort, or surgery. 


Restore your core and eliminate the discomfort of pelvic floor dysfunction. 

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Achieve more than you thought possible with our transformational, hands-on coaching. 

Ready to be pain-free?

Speak with an expert today.

When you call Foundations Physical Therapy, you will speak directly with an expert pelvic or sports medicine therapist. We know how to eliminate pain and weakness and optimize your strength, mobility, and movement. Contact us today to learn how we can help you achieve your goals. 

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Go Beyond



Our expert therapists dig deep, analyzing your medical history, movement patterns, strength, posture, nutrition, and other

stressors to find and eliminate the

root cause of pain and weakness.

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What sets
us apart?

There are many ways we go above and beyond your average Physical Therapy Clinic. Here are just a few. 

1. Sessions are always private, unrushed, and one-on-one.

Unlike a lot of other physical therapy practices where you spend 30 minutes in a noisy, open gym with a distracted therapist, at Foundations, you spend a full hour with your therapist in a private setting, where their entire focus is on you and your goals. 

2. You will never be passed off to someone else. 

Many clinics cut corners by using therapy aides, and inconsistent scheduling can lead to discomfort and stalled progress. Your therapist will always be a qualified Doctor of Physical Therapy, and is consistent from evaluation to the end of your plan of care, ensuring consistent progress, trust, and comfort throughout your care.

3. You'll receive hands-on, holistic assessment and bespoke treatment plan from an expert in orthopedic and pelvic care.

Our expert clinicians have completed residencies and have extensive post-doctoral training in manual orthopedic therapy, pelvic floor rehabilitation, pregnancy and postpartum care. This means that we provide only the highest-quality holistic treatment. Don't settle for "good enough" cookie-cutter treatment plans where you spend hours mindlessly doing exercise; invest in your health with Foundations Physical Therapy.  

4. We'll never force you to give up the activity you love. 

Many of our patients come to us because they are passionate about their sport or hobby. Unlike some clinics that tell you that you will have to give up hope of returning to your sport or exercise, we give you tools and strategies to stay in the game while continuing to improve your pain and other symptoms. Our goal is to keep our runners on the road and our strength athletes in the gym, doing what they love. 

Who Can



Anastasia Palaia Physical Therapist
Meet the Founder

Anastasia Palaia


Anastasia is a physical therapist with extensive training in manual orthopedic therapy and female pelvic floor health and orthopedic conditions.

She is passionate about delivering whole-body care that not only eliminates symptoms, but identifies the root of orthopedic and pelvic issues, providing all of her patients lasting relief. 


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