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Meet Anastasia Palaia, PT, DPT, CFMT.

Anastasia, or "Stasi", as she is known by her patients, family, and friends, is the owner and founding therapist of Foundations Physical Therapy. She has channeled her passion for holistic physical therapy and performance enhancement into a clinic that provides comprehensive care to active men and women throughout Northern Virginia. 

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Stasi's Story

Anastasia Palaia is a Doctor of Physical therapy who specializes in the holistic care of active men and women. After receiving her doctorate from Shenandoah University, she completed a residency through the Institute of Physical Art, where she learned hands-on techniques that effectively and efficiently reduce pain and enhance performance.  As a Certified Functional Manual therapist who has also trained in visceral mobilization through the Barral Institute, she utilizes a whole-body approach to both evaluate and treat each of her patients.


In keeping with this holistic approach, Anastasia also has extensive training as a pelvic floor therapist and is a Pregnancy and Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist. Although she is passionate about restoring mobility, function, and efficiency in all members of her community, she especially enjoys working with women across the lifespan to address pain and other dysfunctions associated with bowel and bladder function, sex, and pregnancy and childbirth. 


She has worked extensively with professional and amateur athletes, dancers, yogis, martial artists, runners, and strength athletes of all levels and is passionate about helping women excel in the gym and eliminate barriers to their athletic pursuits after they have had children. She opened her clinic, Foundations Physical Therapy, in 2022 with the goal of delivering personalized, attentive and dedicated care to patients–going above and beyond to identify the root cause of pain, weakness, and dysfunction to promote optimal performance and health. 

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