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Pelvic Floor Care

Experiencing incontinence, pain and heaviness, or other pelvic symptoms? Struggling to stay active during or after pregnancy? We can help.


Foundations Physical Therapy understands the unique challenges and needs of the women in our community.


Pelvic floor issues can happen to anyone at any time in a woman's life, and our therapists are ready and prepared with the expertise needed to provide empathetic, effective care.  We specialize in providing outstanding pelvic floor rehabilitation, utilizing a holistic approach to eliminate pain, weakness, and discomfort associated with pregnancy. Unlike other PT clinics, we go above and beyond by offering one-on-one care, longer appointments, and a comprehensive approach to ensure that our patients receive the highest level of care and attention they deserve.During each session, our therapists devote their undivided attention to the patient, focusing on their unique concerns and challenges. This individualized approach allows us to fully understand the patient's condition, track progress effectively, and make adjustments to the treatment plan as necessary.

In addition to one-on-one care, we offer longer appointments to ensure that our patients receive thorough and comprehensive care. We understand that pelvic floor rehabilitation requires time and attention to detail. By providing extended appointment durations, we create a relaxed and unhurried environment where our therapists can thoroughly assess, treat, and educate the patient. This extended time also allows for ample discussion and answering any questions the patient may have, empowering them to take an active role in their recovery.

When it comes to pelvic floor rehabilitation and care, Foundations Physical Therapy stands out as a leader in the field. Our commitment to one-on-one care, longer appointments, and a comprehensive approach ensures that our patients receive the highest level of care possible. We are dedicated to helping expectant mothers eliminate pain, weakness, and discomfort, allowing them to fully embrace the joys of pregnancy and motherhood. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and experience the exceptional care provided by Foundations Physical Therapy.


Pregnancy is beautiful and transformative journey, but it can also bring about physical changes that cause pain and impact the pelvic floor.

At Foundations Physical Therapy, we recognize the importance of addressing these issues and providing effective solutions to enhance the well-being of expectant mothers. We can improve discomfort throughout pregnancy and provide strategies for staying active and feeling good as your baby grows.

Our team of highly trained and compassionate therapists works closely with each patient, tailoring treatment plans to meet their specific needs and goals.

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Our approach to pelvic floor rehabilitation extends beyond addressing the pelvic floor itself. We take a holistic view of the patient's well-being, considering their overall physical and emotional health. Our therapists employ evidence-based techniques and treatments to strengthen and restore the pelvic floor muscles, improve posture and alignment, and address any associated discomfort or pain. We also provide guidance on sleep, nutrition, exercises and self-care techniques that patients can incorporate into their daily routines, promoting long-term well-being.


Foundations believes in creating safe spaces for all members of our community. Due to the nature of pelvic floor care, we realize that we are working in an area that is sensitive for many individuals, and often difficult to discuss openly. Foundations strives to create comfort and trust with all patients.   Foundations is a also provides gender-affirming care for all members of the community. Our therapists strongly believe in the importance of quality care for the LGBTQ+ community. 

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