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Let us guide you towards an active, pain-free pregnancy. 

Pregnancy is a time of excitement, anticipation, and anxiety for many people. As your baby grows and your body works to provide the space they need,  rapid changes occurring to the shape of your abdomen and pelvis. These changes can have a powerful effect on how you move, and may be overwhelming, uncomfortable, and painful. With Foundations’ In-home Before Baby consultation, you can learn how to improve your ability to move, sleep, and manage the challenges that your changing body brings. This includes, but is not limited to the following: 

  • Pelvic Floor: Education regarding your specific risk factors for pelvic floor pain and dysfunction during and after pregnancy, and how to manage and mitigate the effects of pregnancy. 

  • Preparing for childbirth: Tools and exercises to prepare your body  for labor. 

  • Fitness: Review of your current exercise routine and/or design of a custom routine with your specific challenges in mind, all with the goal of keeping you and baby safe and healthy. 

  • Pain management: Tools, tips, and exercises for limiting pain and discomfort throughout pregnancy. 

  • Postural and movement training: Hands-on education and correction to improve your ability to stand from a chair, get out of bed, sit and stand without pain—all the simple things that are now a lot harder with your baby belly!

  • Ergonomics: Setting up your work station and surroundings to best support neutral posture and avoid pain, discomfort and fatigue. 

  • Sleep: Learning how to use positioning and other supports to help you rest and recover. 

  • Answering your questions: Foundations wants to make sure your greatest concerns are addressed and will always strive to make you feel like you are informed and empowered. We will do whatever it takes to find you an answer or solution, or will help connect you with someone who can.

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When you're expecting.

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